YSFAC X EAAFP PROJECT 2022 Bird Meets Arts 4th Education Program

On 25th June, the fourth public event of the education program of 2022 <Bird Meets Arts> proceeded successfully. The composer and Gayageum (Korean harp) instructor Ms. Kyungso Park led the session at Ecological Education Center in Songdo, RO Korea.

Participants hold their own percussion instruments made by the garbage / ©YSFAC

The subtitle of the event was <Sae Taryeong with Garbage> and the participants had time to sing a modern version of <Sae Taryeong> by using the collected garbage as a percussion instrument.

Following the instructor’s guidance, they learned the beat and melody of the Korean traditional rhythm, Jungjungmori rhythm, by singing along with <Sae Taryeong>, a representative folk song of Namdo province, RO Korea.

Singing with the instructor / ©EAAFP Foundation

Then, the participants created their own <Sae Taryeong> by changing its lyrics with the characteristics of birds those can be easily found around us such as sparrows, pigeons, and magpies, as well as migratory waterbirds such as Black-faced spoonbills. With the modern version of <Sae Taryeong>, they made a sound and rhythm by shaking and tapping the garbage to sing the song. Participants used plastic bottles and cans as percussion instruments to use the different note of the sound and added new elements to the music by crumpling the sound of plastic bags.

The participants said they could think about the relationship between humans and migratory waterbirds and the efforts to coexist with them, through making their own <Sae Taryeong>.

Singing the modern version of with making sounds from garbage / ©EAAFP Foundation

Singing the modern version of with making sounds from garbage / ©EAAFP Foundation

Starting from August, the 2022 <Bird Meets Arts> exhibition by Mr. YangKura will be held at Ecological Education Center in Bird Morning Park and at G-Gallery in G-Tower. The additional related education programs will have proceeded as well.


<About EAAFP Foundation>

The EAAFP Foundation was established in 2019 to contribute to providing the Partnership with a mechanism to support sustainable financing and expand its engagement with various types of organizations for the conservation of migratory waterbirds and habitats in EAA Flyway. The Foundation office is based in Songdo, Incheon, Republic of Korea. For more information, visit EAAFP Foundation.

Promotion of Event

The 2022 <Bird Meets Arts> project is inviting a Korean artist ’Yang Kura’ to lead a participatory installation of artworks. The project consists of an exhibition and an education program. Starting from the first lecture on 18th May, the second program with plogging was held on 11th June and third program with dancing was held on 18th June.

We are pleased to invite you to the fourth Education program, which will be held this upcoming Saturday 25th June at Ecological Education Center in Songdo. Under the instruction by Ms. Kyungso Park, a composer and a Korean harp (Gayageum) player, the participants will enjoy singing a modern version of ‘Sae Taryeong,’ a folk song made with the themes of birds, while using the collected garbage as a percussion instrument.

<Program Overview>

  • Date: 25th June 2022 (Saturday). 10 AM ~ 12 PM (120 mins)
  • Location: Lecture room in Ecological Education Center
  • Instructor: Kyungso Park (Composer, Korean harp (Gayageum) player)
  • Contents
    • Sing the modern version of the <Sae Taryeong> by using the collected trash as percussion instrument
  • Age of participants: Children who are older than 6 and their guardians
  • Number of participants: Around 20 (first come first served)
  • Registration: Online application through Naver platform
  • Contact: EAAFP Foundation (032-458-6507)

Host: YSFAC, EAAFP Foundation
Sponsor: Yeonsu-gu, EAAFP Secretariat

<Bird Meets Arts> is a cooperative project between YSFAC (Yeonsu Foundation for Arts and Culture) and EAAFP (East Asian-Australasian Flyway Partnership) Foundation. Starting in 2021, <Bird Meets Arts> aims to raise awareness for the importance of migratory waterbirds and their habitats among the general public through creative culture and art activities. The 2021 <Bird Meets Arts> project produced 14 videos with six themes: “Ep1. Migratory waterbirds”, “Ep2. Wetlands”, “Ep3. History”, “Ep4. Illustration and CEPA”, “Ep5. Youth“ and “Ep6. Music” in Korean and English respectively. Unlike last year, 2022 <Bird Meets Arts> proceeds in face to face sessions with a series of Exhibition and Education programs.

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