2021 Inter – Korean Cultural Nature Heritage Policy Forum

The 3rd Inter-Korean Cultural Nature Heritage Policy Forum was held on 7th October, 2021 under the theme of “Establishing a Foundation of the RO Korea and DPR Korea for the exchange and cooperation of cultural/ natural heritage”. Following the first forum which was launched in 2020, the goal this year was to identify the potential cooperation to exchange inter-Korean common properties, such as cultural and natural heritage. The recommendations generated through the series of the forum, will be reflected into the policy of Cultural Heritage Administration of the Republic of Korea. The vision is to raise awareness of reunification through Korean historical and cultural assets while restoring national homogeneity through overcoming heterogeneity between Ro Korea and DPR Korea, and a platform for social integration after the reunification.

Wrap up session © Inter- Korean Cultural Nature Heritage policy forum

The forum was arranged with three main pillars: Session 1 – A plenary and report of The Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ); Session 2 – subjects discussion based on the cultural heritage, natural heritage, and policy system; and Session 3 – wrap up with the outcome reporting.

Three subjects including cultural heritage, natural heritage, and policy system, were covered in Session 2. Experts gave presentations according to the relevant subjects. EAAFP Secretariat took part in the natural heritage session as the speaker. Ms. Hyeseon Do, Programme Officer of EAAFP, presented the potential world heritage sites in DPR Korea based on the previous surveys and DPRK Wetland Inventory and the importance of the trilateral cooperation in the Yellow Sea. She highlighted the need for persistent ecological cooperation proposal and support to DPR Korea, practical cooperation through the organization and operation of the bilateral committee among Yellow Sea World Natural Heritage sites, starting between RO Korea and China in order to induce DPR Korea to participate the committee for the transboundary cooperation in the future, with the example from the Wadden Sea Trilateral Cooperation. A suggestion of Crane conservation along DMZ was also presented by Prof. Sang-don Lee from Ewha University.

Subject SubForum Presentation by Ms. Hyeseon Do, Programme Officer © Inter- Korean Cultural Nature Heritage policy forum

During the panel discussion, the following suggestions were raised:

  1. Identification of 10 key migratory waterbirds species required immediate conservation actions in Yellow Sea region;
  2. Decision on the official terminology for Yellow Sea in Korean context between “Yellow Sea” or “West/ Yellow Sea”
  3. More national levels of the dialogues are needed in Korea for the identification of potential bilateral and trilateral cooperation.

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