EAAFP Flyway Site Network Leaflet finally here!





For the past years, EAAFP Secretariat has worked to develop a Flyway Site Network (FSN) Leaflet that well corresponds our shared mission to our Partners. This new 2021 leaflet presents a map of EAAFP FSN and 10 Sister Sites.

Most importantly, our leaflet includes a friendly guideline that will assist you on how the EAAFP FSN nomination procedure is managed.

Flyway Site Network

The EAAFP FSN supports migratory waterbirds by securing interconnectedness among the international important Sites. Today (as of February 2021) EAAFP Partners has nominated 148 Flyway Network Sites among 19 countries and continues to expand our network to ensure long-term survival of migratory waterbirds in the Flyway.

Sister Site Agreements

EAAFP affiliates strong Partnership among FNS through our Sister Site Agreement. Sister Sites link up two FNS in different (or same) countries sharing the same key species, guaranteeing competent capacity building and knowledge sharing between the FNS. Up till now, there are 10 pairs of Sister Sites in the Flyway.

Download the leaflet [here, updated on March 2021]

To request design file for printing and translation, please contact the secretariat@eaaflyway.net.

How to make EAAFP FSN leaflet

Step 1. Download the file and print the leaflet (Prefer A1 paper size)
Step 2. Follow the folder marks as shown in Picture 1 (Fold accordingly as shown in Picture 2)

picture 1

picture 2

https://www.e-print.com.hk/UserFiles/File/10pp_accordion_fold.jpg https://www.e-print.com.hk/UserFiles/File/double_parallel_fold.jpg

Step 3. Can hang the leaflet on your wall or carry around anywhere!


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