2020 International Black-faced Spoonbill Census

The International Black-faced Spoonbill Census called and coordinated by the EAAFP Black-faced Spoonbill Working Group (convened by Hong Kong Bird Watching Society) has proven to be an effective way to survey the abundance and distribution of this globally endangered species. The results provide not only the current number of this species, but also comparable figures for understanding the trends locally and globally.

Since the commencement of the census in 1993, it is conducted mostly by volunteer birdwatchers with aids from professional conservationists and site managers. More than 100 surveyors join this census every year, hence this has become an important awareness programme for this species.

The next census will take place on 17-19 January 2020.

For more information, please contact Mr. Yat-tung Yu, coordinator of the EAAFP Black-faced Spoonbill Working Group (email: bfspoonbill@hkbws.org.hk)

Photo credit © Dr. Lee Kisup


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