2017 Biodiversity Forum in Incheon

The 2017 Biodiversity Forum in Incheon was held in Incheon, 24th of August, and hosted by the Incheon Metropolitan City and co-hosted by the Local Sustainability Alliance of INCHEON, the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (lCLEI) Korea Office. The theme of the forum was ‘Cities with biodiversity for sustainable development’. This forum has been held since ‘2015 Biodiversity Forum in Gangwon province’ to consider ideas about the National Mid­dle and Long ­term Biodiversity Strategies.

Over 150 participants joined the event, including members of the national government and local governments in Korea, experts from the Ministry of Environment, Ulsan City, and the National Institute of Biological Resources, and from NGOs including the Incheon Black-faced Spoonbill Network and GREENKOREA Incheon. The EAAFP Secretariat also joined the forum.

Spike Millington, the Chief Executive of the EAAFP Secretariat addressed the gatherers with a speech of encouragement at the opening ceremony. He emphasized the value of the present biodiversity status in Songdo for our harmonious future.

There were presentation sessions and a discussion session to share the national policies, local policies, field experiences, and encourage the cooperation.

Dong-Koo Yun, the Deputy Chief Executive gave a presentation about the East Asian-Australasian Flyway (EAAF), the plans for conserving the migratory waterbirds and the places they live such as the IUCN resolution and the Yellow sea conservation plan. He encouraged the audience to maintain their awareness of the migratory waterbird conservation and to continue to cooperate on this matter.

The officials from the Local Sustainability Alliance of INCHEON stressed that ‘There should be strong roles and policies from the national and local governments to enhance biodiversity in a practical and efficient way for the future’.

Also, there were exhibition booths run by attended organizations. EAAFP held its booth to promote the EAAF and raise public awareness through the distribution of brochures and the promotion of its participatory art project ‘To Our Winged Traveler (TOWT)’.

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