EAAFP Interns’ first birdwatching in Songdo, Incheon, South Korea

Sumin Kim, EAAFP Senior Intern

This morning was very special for us EAAFP’s three interns – Sumin Kim, Jaewook Shin and Joohee Lee – as Tomoko Ichikawa, Communication Officer of EAAFP and Eugene Cheah, Wildlife photographer took us out to welcome migratory waterbirds arriving Songdo, Incheon, South Korea. It was our first time birdwatching so we were very excited.

A Black-tailed Gull eating a crab @Eugene Cheah

A Black-tailed Gull eating a crab @Eugene Cheah

We first headed to Gojan tidal flat and observed Eurasian Curlews, Dunlins, Grey Plovers, Eurasian Oystercatchers, Saunders’s Gulls, Black-tailed Gulls, Mallards, Common Shelducks, Common Teals and Grey Herons. Whenever interns saw a Eurasian Curlew catching crabs from the mudflat through binoculars, they were overwhelmed and kept their eyes on it. Grey Herons were already in breeding plumage displaying orange bills and red legs.

Later we visited Namdong Reservoir. It was too early to see Black-faced Spoonbills, but instead we observed Mongolian Gulls, Black-tailed Gulls, Saunders’s Gulls and Grey Herons on the small artificial island in the middle of Namdong Reservoir. In addition, we could see some Bean Geese and a flock of more than 200 beautiful Ruddy Shelducks.


Interns and Communication Officer waiting for more migratory waterbirds to come at Namdong Reservoir @Eugene Cheah

Last, we dropped by Aamdo near the EAAFP office and watched little Kentish Plovers sleeping, resting or running very fast. Blessed with nice and clear weather, we spent over two hours birdwatching and learning about birds. It was such a good experience for the interns to get closer to migratory waterbirds, even if these wetlands are highly contaminated and degraded. This short trip helped us to know migratory waterbirds better and understand EAAFP’s works more.


Kentish Plovers looking for food @Eugene Cheah

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