1st Gyeonganam Bird Festival in Upo Wetland in 2018 (2 – 4 November, RO Korea)

The 1st Gyeongsangnam-do Bird Festival has been held from 2 to 4 Nov, around the Upo marsh in Changnyeong-gun, RO Korea.  This festival is hosted/organised by GREF (Gyeonsangnam-do Ramsar Environment Foundation) and Upo Ecotourism Council and sponsored by EAAFP.

The purpose of the festival is to explore ways to vitalise ecotourism using important migratory birds’ habitats in the Nakdong River Basin. we sought to public awareness for birds and their habitat by spreading the culture of watching birds.

The programmes are including the seminar for popularisation of ecotourism, and establishment a bird watchers’ network in Korea on the first day. Furthermore, this festival has a various educational programme and cultural experience programme such as walking with a photographer living in Upo.

In the seminar, Yeonah Ku, Communication Specialist of EAAFP gave a presentation about the responsibility of EAAFP and the way to populise the culture of watching birds.

In the last session of the seminar, the Korean Bird Watchers’ Network has been established. This network includes 39 organisations with 1506 members in the field of bird watching. If you would like more information about the network, contact via this e-mail: wholesee@naver.com

Furthermore, EAAFP runs a booth for 2 days from 3 – 4 Nov. to promote EAAFP and one of its activity ‘Knots Painting Competition’.

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