1st Anniversary Ceremony of the Shinan Tidal Flat World Natural Heritage Listing and the Shinan International Symposium on Migratory Birds

Group photo of attendees ©Shinan-gun

Shinan County celebrated the 1st Anniversary of World Natural Heritage inscription from 28th -29th September in Jaeun Island, Shinan, Jeollanam-do, RoK. In line with the 1st Anniversary Ceremony of Shinan Getbol UNESCO World Heritage Site was the Shinan International Migratory Bird Symposium by the Ornithological Society of Korea and Seoul National University.

The 1st Anniversary Ceremony of Shinan World Natural Heritage was to commemorate the 1st anniversary of Shinan Tidal Flat’s designation as a World Natural Heritage and share the progress and work since the designation. A welcoming remark was delivered by Chairman Hyuk-seong Kim of the Shinan County Council, followed by the congratulatory speech by Congressman Seo Sam-seok, and Doug Watkins, Chief Executive of the EAAFP Secretariat. In his speech, Mr. Watkinsthanked Shinan county for the efforts to preserve the Shinan tidal flat and stressed the importance of regional and international collaboration in key areas of the Flyway.

Doug Watkins, CE of the EAAFP Secretariat delivering congratulatory remarks ©Shinan County

After that, Shinan County held a plaque-presentation ceremony to show appreciation to the experts in the committee who supported the inscription of Shinan Tidal Flat  WHS. The hard work of Prof. Jeon Seung-soo, from Chonnam National University and Prof. Lim Hyun-sik from Mokpo University, Honorary Director of the Shinan Tidal Flat Museum, as well as Mr. Myeong Ho, Deputy Director with Ms. Jang Ji-young, Cooperative Director of Eco Horizon Institute was recognized in the award ceremony.

Held on the following day, 29th September, the 11th International Symposium on Migratory Birds was held. The Symposium was conducted under the theme of ‘Shinan Getbol, Sustainable Conservation on habitats of migratory waterbirds’ and was attended by invited speakers from Ro Korea and abroad. It started with presentations by experts in the field. Firstly, EAAFP Secretariat Communications Officer Vivian Fu, gave an overview of the work of EAAFP. Followed by Japan Seabird Restoration Group Researcher Kuniko Otsuki, Japan Wild Bird Association Researcher Shimba Chan, Oregon State University Researcher Hankyu Kim, and Australasian Seabird Group Researcher, Yuna Kim, who all presented recent research and the conservation work of migratory birds. The session was moderated by Dr. Choi Changyong from Seoul National University.

EAAFP Secretariat Communications Officer Vivian Fu, as a speaker ©EAAFP Secretariat

At the ceremony held in the afternoon, Mr. Park Woo-ryang, Mayor of Shinan County, Mr. Kim Hyuk-seon, Shinan County Council Chairman, and Shinan County officials attended and delivered commemorative speeches. Doug Watkins, Chief Executive of the EAAFP Secretariat also delivered congratulatory remarks to the Symposium. After the ceremony,  Mr. Park Woo-ryang Mayor of Sinan County met experts and officials to shared opinions to improve conserving and managing the Shinan Tidal Flat for people and migratory waterbirds. The Symposium then continued with presentations from local academics to share their research.

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