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25-29 : Information and Experience Sharing and Training Workshop for Wetland and Flyway Site Managers in East and Southeast Asia (in Jakarta, Indonesia) EAAFP_Logo


1-4 : Workshop on Migratory Bird Monitoring (in the Geum Estuary, Republic of Korea) EAAFP_Logo

6 : World Shorebirds Day

16-17 : International Workshop on Intertidal Wetland and Management in the Yellow Sea Provinces of China EAAFP_Logo

20: Green Culture Festival (in Incheon, Republic of Korea) EAAFP_Logo

25 : Yellow Sea Large Marine Ecosystem [YSLME] National Stakeholders’ Workshop (in Seocheon, Republic of Korea) EAAFP_Logo

26 : Birds Habitat Conservation Strategy for potential EAAFP Flyway Site Network in Gyeongnam (in Gimhae, Republic of Korea) EAAFP_Logo

27 : World Tourism Day [WTO]


6-17 : Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) COP12 (in Pyeongchang, Republic of Korea) EAAFP_Logo

13 : International Day for Disaster Reduction

21-24 : Vietnamese Flyway and Ramsar Site Manager Workshop – National level (in Hanoi, Vietnam) EAAFP_Logo


3-7 : Asian Wetland Symposium (AWS) / Ramsar Pre-COP12 Asia Regional Meeting (RARM) (in Siem Reap, Cambodia) EAAFP_Logo

4-9 : Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals (CMS) COP 11 (in Quito, Ecuador) EAAFP_Logo

12-19 : IUCN World Parks Congress (in Sydney, Australia) EAAFP_Logo


1-5 : East Asian-Australasian Flyway Congress: R and D for Wetlands and Migratory Waterbirds Conservation (in Cebu, the Philippines)EAAFP_Logo

2-4 : Arctic Biodiversity Congress (in Trondheim, Norway)EAAFP_Logo