New Zealand


  • Number of Flyway Network Sites: 2
  • Member since: 2011

New Zealand has been a Partner since 2011 and is home to 2 crucial Flyway Network Sites, designated under the specifications set by EAAFP. New Zealand is host to migrant shorebirds during the non-breeding season, such as godwit, knot and curlew, escaping the winters in the North to feed and don their breeding plumage.

The Partnership is lucky to work with organisations such as the Pukorokoro Miranda Naturalists Trust who are very active, carrying out conservation and research activity across the flyway .

Flyway Network Sites in Country

Click on a wading bird marked on the interactive map below to reveal information about the Flyway Network Site.




Partner information:

New Zealand Government: Department of Conservation

Pukorokoro Miranda Naturalists Trust

Useful Links:

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